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Missile Toad Christmas Tree Ornament

Missile Toad Christmas Tree Ornament

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Product Description

Say hello to the ultimate holiday disruptor, Missile Toad! 🐸🚀 No, that's not a typo; we've taken your traditional tree ornament game to new heights—literally. Our 3D-printed toad has swapped its pond-side lily pad for a high-velocity missile. Yeah, you read that right: This ain't your grandma's Christmas bauble!

Missile Toad is decked out in 3D-printed glory, complete with a bad-to-the-bone missile strapped to its back. Because nothing says "Season's Greetings" like an amphibian locked and loaded with festive spirit. 🎄💥

Ready to hang? Our Missile Toad comes with a hook and loop so you can position this jolly jumper anywhere on your tree. Imagine the conversations this little guy will spark! From "Is that a toad on a missile?" to "Where on earth did you find that?", Missile Toad is an immediate holiday conversation starter—or ender, depending on your guests.

Let's be honest, the tree needed a hero, and Missile Toad is here to deliver. Say goodbye to the mundane world of snowflakes, stars, and Santas. Bring on the high-flying, sky-diving, mistletoe-dodging adventure that is Missile Toad! 🎅🚫🐸✅

Get yours today and make this holiday season an absolute blast! 🎉

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